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  1. Thank you! I will keep everyone posted. I think I need to make a separate “verslag” post but since I’ve been feeling better I’ve been suddenly organizing my house like crazy 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 and I haven’t given myself the time to sit quietly and get my thoughts down. But I can finally say that my breasts are beautiful. I will never ever hate my body again. I have so much respect for it now 😭
  2. Here are some pictures so far 😃 the pain has mostly subsided and time will tell if I’ll need further reconstruction. The recovery has been pretty good considering it was a major operation 😅 but I think it’s because I really took care of my nutrition before and after the operation... I truly believe that made a big difference. Don’t get me wrong- recovery is challenging. Lots of ups and downs involved here. But I truly believe that with such a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Staudt, the recovery goes a lot better. the disgusting Cereform textured gel implants were bleeding (zweten) and sticky upon removal🤢 my body is very happy that they are gone! This work shows true craftsmanship. Skills. This is the result that I SHOULD HAVE had 10 years ago by the A klinieken but unfortunately and unknowingly I chose the wrong place 😒 if I could turn back time ... Here is the difference between good and bad. Seriously- wtf did they do to me 10 years ago😭 how dare they. Words can’t describe how good it feels to be free of this “secret” under my shirt. To be able to start the healing process. Mentally as well as physically. To let go of the shame and fear that I’ve carried with me for the past 10 years. Words can’t describe the energy I now let the truth be told 💭 I know I’m not the only one ... I hope that this will help at least 1 person 💜 and thank you ladies for the support here 🥰
  3. Hi! 😃 thanks for thinking of me! I am doing great. What a difference to be cared for by professional and skilled doctors 🙌🏼 I will write a separate report of how everything went in another post but for now I just wanted to check back and let you all know how so very happy and grateful I am. Only now can I truly compare what happened to me at ACCZ to now 😣 I felt butchered (well, I was 😒) by the A klinieken and now, in Dr. Staudt’s hands- I can barely notice a thing. Only now can I truly see how BAD the A klinieken warped my body 😭 Dr. Staudt is an artist. He and the staff at Velsen Noord are AMAZING. Here’s a few pictures for now.... I am now 4 weeks post op. The heal is real 💜 a full report to come....
  4. Thank you! I’m so nervous about the upcoming operation so it’s comforting to hear positive things about Blooming. I’m glad they could get your infection under control! Scary 🥴 beterschap 💐 and I completely agree that this should have never happened in the first place. I guess if there’s one positive thing to come out of this it’s that I can hopefully help others 💜
  5. Hi Willsx, thank you for your nice message. yes it’s been traumatizing to say the least and I do currently have legal help. Enough is enough 😉 I am having these horrible implants removed actually next week 😱 finally!! I am going to Dr. Staudt from Blooming PC 😊 for explant, capsule removal, muscle repair and reconstruction. Perhaps I will need another “hersteloperatie” but time will tell...🥺 they really screwed me up at the A klinieken. I am extremely nervous about going onder the knife again. I felt butchered back then and that memory won’t go away 😣. The recoveries were horrible. I can only hope that I will recover well from this and hope that these Cereform cheap ass implants come out in one piece 🤞🏼 I have faith that Dr. Staudt is skilled enough to get the job done. Anything is better than what I’ve been living with! I will also stay the night in their clinic in Velsen Noord which helps a lot. That’s a big difference than being operated by the A klinieken in Bocholt and having to drive home directly after the operation for hours - with the wrong phone number to reach anyone from A klinieken! Horrible. I will keep you posted 💜
  6. Hallo dames. Ik wil graag mijn ervaring delen over mijn borstvergroting operatie. Ik vind het ook fijn om andere ervaringen te lezen van andere mensen. Engels is mijn moedertaal dus ik ga mijn ervaring in het Engels schrijven. Helaas is mijn Nederlands nog niet goed genoeg om uitgebreid te schrijven 🥴 maar mijn verhaal is wel de moeite waard om te lezen! Misschien help ik andere vrouwen bij het delen van mijn ervaring. in September 2010 I went for a consultation with Dr. Kruppa for a breast enlargement surgery. At the time I had a small B cup with loose skin. I’m 160cm and 55kg. I explained that I just wanted more volume , a full C cup. Dr. Kruppa assured me that he could achieve my wishes by placing the implants “dual plane” no lift. I put my trust in him and allowed him to perform the surgery. He used Cereform textured anatomical 430cc implants. just days after my surgery I had the first look at my new breasts. They were very large and looked horrible. I had what looked like 4 breasts. My natural breasts were just hanging over the large implants. I was in shock to say the least. After hysterically calling the clinic, I was told to just “give it time”. Time did not help. Dr. Kruppa was also not happy with the results so he chose to perform a second surgery in December 2010, by removing my nipples in hopes to remove some skin to repair this double bubble and snoopy deformity as he called it. That surgery also did not produce optimal results. Again, I was told to just give it time. I gave it a few months but I just knew that something was not right. They looked horrible. I then asked Dr. Kruppa for a second opinion. At that point I was scared to let him operate on me again. He referred me for a second opinion with his (then) collega, Dr. Van Onselen. Together they decided to perform a third surgery in February of 2011. That surgery was a full anchor breast lift in hopes to repair the suboptimal results from the first surgery. the results of the third surgery acted as duct tape. The large, high implants were still in my chest (which I never asked for). E cup 😣 this was not what we agreed on but I had no other choice but to live with it. There was no way that I was going to have a 4th operation. The trust was gone. I was scared and helpless. The recovery from the surgeries was so painful, mentally and physically. Then the depression set in... healing from 3 unsuccessful surgeries within 5 months was a lot for me to handle. about 2 years after the last surgery, the double bubble and misshaped breasts reappeared. I was told during my follow up appointments to just give it time. That it could take a few years for the “actual results” to show. So I followed his advice and gave it time- which didn’t help. After a few years of therapy to help me process the trauma that I experienced, I finally felt ready and strong enough to finally take action regarding what had happened. I tried to contact ACCZ numerous times the past few years by using their contact function on their website. No one ever responded to me. Last year I decided to make some appointments for second opinions. I needed my medical files for that. Trying to get my medical files from them on time took a lot of effort! In my experience the communication with the A Klinieken is horrible. I was advised during my second opinions that I should really put in a complaint because this obviously was not ok from the first place (this advice was given after reviewing my before, during and after pictures and examining my breasts now). I was also made aware that Dr. Van Onselen was kicked out of the NVPC 😟and that Dr. Kruppa was not working at ACCZ any longer but now he lives and works in the UAE. I recently filed a complaint with ACCZ using their “onafhankelijk klachtenfunctionaris” from Klacht&Company, but A Klinieken denies any responsibility. I also experienced in my opinion a very unpleasant conversation with Dr. Van Onselen and his “consultant”. After seeking legal help, I will now go to the geschillencommissie and the tuchtcollege to let them decide. So there is my personal experience with the A Klinieken. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for. If I can give any advice to anyone who is searching for a “good deal” or the “cheapest price guaranteed ”, I beg you to look further. Your (mental and physical) health is worth way more than the cheapest breast implants that you can find. Do your research. Read reviews (don’t forget that good reviews can also be bought!). And the removal of negative reviews can also be bought 😒 Save your money for a reputable surgeon who is a member from the NVPC. Doctors do not get kicked out of that vereniging for no reason. It actually takes quite a lot to get kicked out of it. I know that there are also positive experiences with this clinic but I am just sharing my not so positive experience, which is also allowed. If you do your own research then you can also find many other “not so positive” experiences with the A Klinieken. Why take that chance with your body? If this can help even one person then I am grateful. 💜