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    dr verdonck
    15 september 2017
    Motiva 295 full or motiva 300 corse

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  1. Hi Karen i just put Some pics on i take out my bandage,gr jeaw
  2. Hi Karen i get 300 motiva corse,i think when i have THE bra i take out by wednesday.it start to ichi much now.than go dokter to take out THE stiches.
  3. I 171 cm 57 kg befor now little bit more,and 75 a you can see in my album i post pics from befor in.my recovery is ok not to much pain just more pain when lay in bed at night.always take THE biggest one many girl have sorry for that after that they not take THE biggest
  4. Hi Karen you can take motive corse they have THE same projection sebbin,dr verdonck said to me for take 295 full motiva but than i see Some girl with THE corse and they look good.i get my operation on 15 sept last week i get 300 corse.gr jeaw
  5. @Debsje Hi yesterday wake up 6 am leave home 7.30 take daughter to school first.trafic jam in Brussel much normaly 1hour 45 drive to Diest now 2 hour 40.arive Diest 10.15 45 min befor time.at THE reception meet Stephanie and she ask Some question and i sign Some paper.she said Will be 280 corse or 300.than go upstaire and wait for About 1hour they come for me About 11.30.prepair for operation and than dr verdonck come to me and said Will be 300 corse.about 12 i think they put me in to sleep and i wake up About 13,05,pain was ok and 1 hour later i can go home.same traffic jam like befor i sleep in car little and arive home 17,15.my husband go for medication and i take befor go sleep.husband need to help me go toilet go bed because i can not move good yesterday.i sleep ok last night and now already start to feel better for to move.good that iT is weekend so i not alone.now have to wait for 2 week till can see my boobs again,they lett me look yesterday but no remember so good Hehe.i put already pics in my album.how About you now debsje?gr jeaw
  6. Of iT posible iT Will bevthere corse for sure 300,one more day now my husband more exeting than me now Hehe.
  7. @Debsjegood to hear you not have much pain,look very good for sure your new brests you can see iT already.gr jeaw
  8. That Nice to hear you feel good with THE operation and THE good service from them debsje,howlong THE operation take?gr jeaw
  9. Jeaw

    Bv verdonck Motiva

    Good luck Tuesday debsje hope to read your report About THE operation.gr Jeaw
  10. Yes countdown again but better that everything work good for operation dr verdonck said no take risk.
  11. @DebsjeHi Yes me to i Will change to 15 sept now,my husband not happy just take vacation for this.
  12. Yes that right better little to bigg than to small
  13. @Debsjei Will choose friday but think take corse 300,not want to feel sad that i take to smal because cant change all time your brests iT cost much money to.
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