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  1. Is it possible to delete this discussie aub ?
  2. Brownie do you know how to delete the picture please ? Thank you
  3. Thank you lena and brownie also sinds the first day I feel pain on this scar, and the other is ok , is it normal ?
  4. Thank you girls Dr Plovier send me to the clinic , I see a nurse , she désinfected and change the pansements, it s ok i just have a little point how is blooding now it s ok , i have to shake up on monday in the clinic again, hope it s gone be ok thank you girls
  5. Hello girls, i had My surgery with Dr Plovier, and this morning i m blooding , i send a message to the Dr Plovier, i m waiting ... what s the problème you think ? It s my second surgery first time at Beaucare 475cc this time 775cc motiva full ergonomix thank you girls
  6. Are you from Belgium ? If no Do you send. To Belgium ? dank u
  7. when do you had 500cc ? And what do you want now ?
  8. Hello, de prijs aub ? Verzend naar Belgie ?