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  1. Hi, 1 year ago I had a mama reduction, no protese used, 1.2 kg removed. The breasts were perfect and identical after the operation. Now one year after, some difference of shape has developed. Size still the same. One is more oval than the other. The chirurg explains this is due to many years of heavy loading of the breasts, one was much heavier than the other. Anybody have the same or similar experience? Greetings,
  2. Hello girls, Today is the 1 year birthday for my new breasts!! Mama reduction by Dr Tan, Bronovo last year. I often think about the great support from YOU here at the forum, last year in the tense period of the operation. Therefore this little greeting to all of you at the forum. Immediately after the operation, the breasts perfect and excactly equal. Now after a year, a little difference of shape has developed , but not something to operate. The chirurg explains this as ok. It is because one breast has suffered more than the other during many years of high load. One tepel is also a bit larger than the other, a small correction may be needed later. Again, many thanks for the really great support here . Especially: elfje emotion (have the scars improved? Puppie has become a 'big boy'?) peppen lesilla daffyduck (Still dynamic living in Schrevening ? Also 1 year anniversary already?) donna patricia1984, who helped with a lot of supporting and encouraging messages.
  3. Hi Emotion, I read here about your problems. I'm happy your problems went away relatively easy. Myself, I had a problem with a small part of the wounds that did not heal well, even 6 weeks after the operation. The doctor stopped application of betadine gaze, and instead prescribed something called "honeysoft" and now it is healing much better. Due to swelling near the breats, the sport Beha was getting a little too small, and that had caused not enough blood circulation near the operation wound. Another problem is that the two nipples look different, one is higher and pointed, the other is more flat with a darker colour. The doctor told me this is normal and expect it will go away after 6 months. My operation was nearly as a reconstruction of the breats, I went from 95DD to 95B, and 1600gr less. Greetings, Carlotta
  4. Hi Lesilla, OK. I thought that 'buikwandcorrectie' in your topic header was a tummy tuck, and didnt know that you already had one. Great to have your mother pampering you after such an operation. My operation was last Friday, everything went well, so I'm at home recovering. Greetings, Carlotta.
  5. Hi Lesilla ! Wonderful that you are already at home ! Pitty that it was painful . Very nice borst ! Have you done a lipo or something in your buik ? I hope you have some help at home . I wish you a calm night and a nice recovery Greetings Carlotta
  6. Hi Donna, Yes, I misunderstood your message from 4 Dec, of course your operation was already in October. Greetings, Carlotta.
  7. Hi Eefje, Thanks for your messages. You were my first contact in this forum. The forum is a great help for me against all the worries. It's a strange feeling to now posses a changed body. Greetings, Carlotta.
  8. Hi Daffyduck, Thanks for your messages. I thought of you, now I can confirm the good things you said about Bronovo , by chance I even visted the maternity ward too. LOL. In fact you have spent a lot of time there. You are right, difficult to resist their nice breakfasts. It's a strange feeling to have completely different breasts now. Greetings, Carlotta.
  9. Hi Emotion, I was happy to find you message. It's great such operations are possible. Greetings and hello to Tokio too, Carlotta.
  10. Hi Patricia, Thanks for your message. Now at home, trying not to move too much is difficult. The bra provided by the hospital works very well. Greetings, Carlotta.
  11. Hi Donna, Thanks for your welcome message. I read that your started to work only 12 days after the operation. Very courageous! I'm resting at home, very happy with my, now much smaller, breasts. All the stiches are very impressive though. Greetings, Carlotta
  12. Hi Peppen, Thanks a lot for you kind message. The two breasts seems to be same size.I have 1600gr less on my shoulders! Greetings, Carlotta
  13. Hi Lesilla, I wish you best of luck! I was in your situation just one week ago. Early morning is great, everybody is fresh, and yourself a bit sleepy... greetings, Carlotta
  14. Hi Girls, Finally up and running again! Thanks for all the nice messages - my husband looked for me and told me about it. Sadly Bronovo has no WiFi for their patients, so I could not look myself. Here is the day: Arrival, Bronovo 07:00, 3dr floor as agreed with the nurse by phone. Sitting waiting where it says 'admission' (opname). A nurse looked baffled and asked what we do there, admission only opens at 08:30... :blink:133: After some confusion, we then found the entry to operations areas in the other end... a friendly nurse was ready to start the paper work and procedure. Bloodtest, bloodpressure checks, two paracetamol and a sleeping in a rapid succession, in bed and transport to be ready at the pre-opration chamber - 08:30. Very nice and friendly reception there. The whole team was there, ready calm and very concentrated. It's extremely important that the pre-operation is not a stressful experience, and they did a good job on that. Dr Tan painted marks on my torse and on my chin (for a lower chin lipo, added on the fly). Ready! Arms in crucifix position and needles inserted, my anasthesia rapidly took me away... My husband told me this part : The operation itself was scheduled to last 150 minutes, and was completed around 12:30. Instead of being taken to the recovery area, I was taken to the intensive care unit. My husband found me there. It was a bit worrying, but it was not a dangerous problem: At the end of the operation, the anasthesist found my body temperature was a bit low. Just as a precaution, my wakeup took place in the IC unit, where they have a special body heater to make sure the temperature does not get too low. Waking up, they asked me about the pain index 0-10, my answer was 3-4. Some pain, but not a lot. After less than an hour in IC, I was put in my room, end act I, 13:15. Very friendly nursing staff took over. Slightly burning feeling in the breasts, but not very painful and kept in check by morfine. I guess St Nicolas has something to do with this, but during the weekend, the nursing corridor was closed and I was instead put into a maternity/gynecology ward. Less comfortable, but ok. I felt a lot younger by being put there.... Girls, this is a great place! Everybody was nice, I felt pampered as if a cousin of queen Beatrix , and the food was royal too, and still 'gezond'... Sunday, thus two days after the operation, I felt very little pain, and stopped the paracetamol. Too early, the same night I had to ask for it again. Monday, first shower! WOW. B-cup? I'm not sure, but the difference is enormous! This part of my body look like 18 years again LOL! Blue marks on the stomarch and here and there, the stiches show a big inverted 'T' and nipples carefully inserted in round slots. I cannot wait for shopping new lingerie in shapes and sizes never open to me before. I even image Bra's without straps, and maybe also shirts without wearing bra's. Dr Tan did his round and checked me out. The two drains I was wearing had slowed down their flow, and after a close inspection, Dr Tan gave the all clear for returning home! In spite of Bronovo nearly being snowed in , like the rest of Den Haag, I managed to get home already in the afternoon. Now in recovery, little pain, just a bit tired. Next is stitch removal and check coming Monday. Thanks you support, girls! It was a great help.
  15. Hi Girls, It's 5:30 and I am packing for the hospital. Greetings and a million thanks for all your encouragements! I shall think kindly of you soon, when on the table. Goodbye and see you all soon with a new, and I hope much better, look! Carlotta.